Why does My Knee Hurt?

Posted in Did You Know? on Sep 9, 2016

Why does my knee hurt? It's a common question in our chiropractic office in North Lakes, Brisbane. Often it has nothing to do with the knee but the top three vertebrae in the neck. If you have a misalignment in your neck it causes the rest of your body to adapt (like shown in the poster in the video).

The initial misalignment at the neck recruits you're body's entire muscle system to compensate. From the neck to the shoulders to the low back through the hips and knees and down into the feet, it gives the illusion one leg looks shorter than the other. If there is any way to measure the amount of physical stress that affects the spine, it is by the degree of imbalance in your legs.


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What Happens to Your Knees when your Neck is Off

When this type of imbalance is present from the neck all the way down to your legs, every step you take puts more stress through the joints ...  not just your neck or low back but also into the knees. And more often than not its the slightly longer side that bears the brunt of the imbalance.

If you were to step onto two sets of scales at the same time, your balance you should be the same + 1-2kg. Any difference more than that is a body imbalance that will affect your hips & knees (and it is probably the heavier side that you will note has the pain).

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The Definition of Health and Disease

The Definition of Health and Disease

Jul 24, 2018

A Different Approach for your Knee

If you have been experiencing knee or hip troubles but not experiencing positive outcomes, let me ask this question: when is the last time someone checked your neck? At Atlas Chiropractic in North Lakes, Brisbane, we adjust the upper neck, which affects the muscle tone of your entire body - knees included.

What we find by adjusting the neck and allowing the body to come back to balance the pressure comes off the knees as well as the entire body, and this change finally allows people to get well. Knee pain and related hip pain, low back pain all down one side of the body are often linked when your upper neck (atlas) is misaligned.  

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