The Worst Way to Manage Your Health ... Ever!   

Posted in Did You Know? on Oct 17, 2016

Managing your health by how you feel is the worst way to stay healthy ... ever! Most people associate pain with needing to see a chiropractor. "I feel fine, so I must be okay." People suffer injuries of all magnitudes all the time. Some don't cause any permanent damage because your body is able to correctly self-heal.

Other injuries cause blood, broken bones, or dislocations. The need for medical care with these types of injuries is usually pretty obvious. But what about those types of injuries without blood, broken bones or dislocations that cause just enough damage that your body is not able to heal correctly. What happens then?

This is the Usual Way it Happens

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Depending on the type of tissue that is damaged (e.g., nerve vs muscle vs ligament), you may have immediate symptoms or pain. Other times the symptoms are so subtle that you don't attribute them to the injury (e.g., feeling sick, depressed, anxious, or generally unwell).

Other times still, you don't experience any symptoms for 10-20 years ... and by then you would never think that your symptoms are linked to an injury that happened so long ago. It is because your body compensates in order to keep you alive and as healthy as possible. However, any compensation long enough causes its own problems.

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Energy is Life - The Atlas Connection

Energy is Life - The Atlas Connection

Sep 05, 2022

Imagine that you have a savings account with $10,000, but every year you lose $100 more than you earn. You may not notice any problems at the start, but after ten years you suddenly discover that you have nothing! It is this same slow trickle that causes people to lose their health.

They equate "feeling fine" with being healthy, just like having money in the bank but without monitoring if they are accumulating or losing their wealth. Just because you "feel fine" does not mean that you are healthy. You can skydive without a parachute … but only once.

But until you hit the ground, you'll feel just fine! Similarly, is how you feel now the best way to manage your health and your life for the future? Probably not. So whether you do or do not have symptoms, how can you tell if you need to see a chiropractor? There are many indicators that we use to determine if you are subluxated: some require specialized equipment, others you will be able to see with your own eyes:

  • Posture Analysis
  • Thermography
  • Leg Length Imbalance
  • X-Ray Exam

Are you making your health decisions based on how you feel now or based on the direction that you are heading? 

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