An X- Ray as Unique as you Are

Posted in Chiropractic on Aug 31, 2016

"When you see you know. When you don't see you guess."

The specialized x- rays that we take at AtlasChiropractic in North Lakes are different from any other x-ray thatanyone, chiropractor, or medical clinic - takes inBrisbane. We don't play guessing games with our ownhealth, and we will not play guessing games with yours.

The tests we described in the previous sections are important todetermine when we need to adjust you. In order to determine thebest way how to adjust you and where we require an x-ray exam. AtAtlas Health, we take our own x-rays for three reasons.

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Reason #1: Time.

Certainly, we can refer you to a nearby radiology facility for astandard x-ray series. However, this can delay your care by days oreven weeks depending on how busy the office is. We find the bestapproach is to gather all the information we can at once and thento act on it immediately.

Reason #2: Accuracy.

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Medical radiologists study x-rays for pathology, which is stufflike broken bones, dislocations, arthritis, abnormal growths, etc.As a chiropractor, we also look at the overall state of your spine:i.e, how much damage is there? By seeing the overall state of yourspine, we are able to make a more accurate prognosis and careprogram for you.

Reason #3: Customisation.

This is the most important reason! No two people's bodystructures are identical (which is why we all look different).However, we are not even the same on the left and right halves ofour bodies. Our spine is no different. Medical radiographers andeven most chiropractors, who take x-rays do not take thesedifferences into account in order to determine which vertebrae aremisaligned in your body and how.

If we don't know what your normal X-ray is, there is no way toknow what abnormal is.

The type of x-rays that we take for the upper neck is calledBlair Upper Cervical Specific Protracto Stereo X-Rays (that's amouthful). To take these images properly requires additionalchiropractic study, customized measurements, and specializedequipment.

We realized long ago that taking our own x-rays is the best,most accurate and quickest way to give people the information thatthey needed to decide if care was right for them and how they wouldlike to proceed. We do not take x-rays as standard practice foreveryone,* but we know that x-rays provide invaluable informationthat helps people get the best results from care.

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* We do not x-ray women if there is the chance that they arepregnant. We also don't like x-raying people undergoingradiotherapy or kids under 10 years old unless they have some verysignificant problems. For kids especially, it is not because x-rays aren't safe overall, but because kids' bones aren't developedwell enough to see what's going on the same way as you can withadults.

If/when we need to make films for kids or people concerned aboutradiation, we take a modified x-ray exam. The Blair ProtractoX-Ray shows the misalignment between the Head and the UpperNeck.

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