Measuring the Health of Your Nervous System

One of the best ways to measure if your central nervoussystem is working properly to measure the heat alongside yourspine. And this is not new stuff! Its only beenuse since Hippocrates in ancient Greece and by specificchiropractors since 1922.

Still, it is one of the least used yet most important ways todetermine if your nervous system is healthy or if you need achiropractic adjustment. The unique test we do at Atlas HealthChiropractic in North Lakes, Brisbane is called  a "ParaspinalThermograph." In other words, a picture of the temperature patternsalong your spine. We use an infrared laser instrument called a"Tytron" to measure thesetemperature differences.

Why Does Measuring Heat Matter?

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Heat is controlled by your autonomicnervous system. We have nerves that supply isassociated with moving muscles. We have nerves that are associatedwith feeling. We also have nerves in our body that control ourorgans and everything else that we don't actually feel, includingthe dilation of blood vessels.

It has been well researched that if the temperatureon one side of your spine exceeds 0.3 of a degree consistently thatsomething is not right with your central nervous system and the wayyour body is working. As far as an Atlas Chiropractoris concerned, this abnormal type of heat pattern is one ofthe major indicators that we need to do to determine that aperson needs to be adjusted.

The Pattern of Health and Your NervousSystem

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The temperature of your spine is not the only thing that we lookat because it does - and should - always be changing. Thetemperature in Brisbane goes up and down, and your body needs to beable to adapt to this maintaining an internal core temperature ofapproximately 37 degrees. ... But what if itdoesn't?

Unlike many chiropractors who may measure temperature during aninitial examination and then not repeat the test until a re-examfor some weeks later, we perform this test every day as amajor part of our analysis to determine when vs when you do notneed to be adjusted.

What we look for is what's called a pattern. A pattern is a partof your nervous system heat graph that does not change whether thescan is done a few hours, days, or weeks apart. When it appears, itis like finger-print or DNA identification: unique for everyindividual and a key piece of information that shows us when youneed to be adjusted (versus when your nervous system ishealing and working just fine).

Who Measures Your Nervous System Health?

The inability of your body to adapt to stress in the internaland external environment causes it to shift into protective modes,like a computer at the maximum capacity that freezes or crashes. Inthe body, this is the reason that the spine misaligns.

It is a protective mechanism like a circuit breaker, whichminimizes immediate damage to your nervous system. Unfortunately,if these misalignments are not corrected and the circuits notreset, your nervous system never fully comes back online.

The result is that over time things start to breakdown andhealth problems may start to appear. We all know about measuringblood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar ... but how do youmeasure if your central nervous system - the one thing controls andcoordinates it all - is actually working properly?

You have to have it checked, and this is exactly what we do atAtlas Chiropractic in North Lakes, Brisbane. The red squigglylines measure the heat that is produced from your nervous systemand allow an Upper Cervical Chiropractor to determine if your bodyis adapting properly to stress or not.

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