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Whiplash and Concussion Treatment - Brisbane Upper Cervical Care

Whiplash and concussion are two very similar, life threatening conditions! In Australia, there is a major problem is that so few people realise how similar the two conditions are. Even worse, so few people receive the whiplash and concussion treatment that they require.

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Dangers of the "Low Speed" Car Accident

Car crashes, accidents, fender benders and whiplash. They happen in Brisbane every day (how's that traffic along the Gateway from North Lakes to the CBD and back again?) It seems that unless it is over 80km an hour that is not high impact and that it does not affect your body.

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Roller Coasters and Whiplash - Minimise the Risk

I love roller coasters. Well, I used to but haven't been on one for many years. Not the little ones either, but the big 50+ metre ones. However, as both the enthusiast and the chiropractor that roller coasters and other amusement park rides can...

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