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Does Chiropractic
Really Works?

Does chiropractic really work?

Does chiropractic really work?

“Like gravity, chiropractic works whether you believe it or not.” - Dr Sid Williams

Chiropractic is the science, philosophy and art of correcting misalignments of the spinal column for the purpose of facilitating normal function of the nervous system and optimising health.

Health is a multifactorial entity that requires the right balance among diet, exercise, sleep, stress and nerve control. If any one of these elements is imbalanced, it disrupts everything else and produces the process we know as disease.

The thing about it is that there is no “magic cure” for any single ailment. Consider something like a headache or a migraine. It could be because you need a chiropractic adjustment to correct the alignment of the top two bones in your neck. Or it could be because of something in your diet that is way off. Or you aren’t exercising enough (or too much). Or because of glare on your computer screen, Or because your pillow is wrong.

My point is that for any symptom or disease in the body, there are multiple ways to get them. So if you have a headache from a misalignment in your neck, no amount of medication or changing pillows will ever make the different. On the other hand, if you have a headache from elevated blood pressure, which is caused from a lousy diet and no exercise, you can have perfect spinal alignment, but no chiropractic adjustment will “fix” your headaches.

So when does chiropractic work? And how? Chiropractic is not a treatment for any condition or disease. Instead, it works by maintaining the structural integrity of your spine which affects the control and flow of your nervous system. That is what allows you to be able to express health and live well to the best of your ability.

When we realise that chiropractic doesn’t work like a quick or even a natural “fix” for any disease, but instead works like diet and exercise as an approach to preserve health, then and ONLY then do we begin to understand how chiropractic actually works.

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