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If so, how severely is it affecting your life? Does in come in waves? Or is the stabbing, burning sensation there almost 100% of the time? Are you sick of going to doctors appointments and “trigeminal neuralgia specialists” when the only thing that you’re told is that you need a stronger medication to deal with the pain. What’s most frustrating is that medication alone doesn’t really help identify the cause of the problem

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Are you Looking for a Solution for your Pain behind the Eyes? Are you experiencing pain behind your eyes but don’t know what to do?

It isn’t exactly a headache, and it isn’t exactly your sinuses either. So it isn’t something that you can google search and find a “specialist near me,” because it doesn’t really exist! And that’s part of what makes it so frustrating is not knowing what it is, what’s causing it or what to do about it!

If you’re like most people who experience pain behind the eyes, it is usually something that you just put up with. That is, it doesn’t necessarily stop you from doing anything that you want to do with your family, at work and so forth.

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What causes a clicking jaw?

Even if it isn’t causing you pain, a clicking jaw can be associated with so many other health issues: headaches, migraines, neck pain, shoulder tightness, and - believe it or not - lower back pain and even fibromyalgia.

A clicking jaw may actually be an early sign of something more significant going on with your body and with your health. Especially i you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above, have you ever considered the possibility that they may be connected?

The question is, do you simply want to treat the symptom? Or do you want to resolve the cause of the problem?

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Are you Looking for a Solution for your Blocked Ear Feeling?

Even if it isn’t causing you pain, it is certainly disruptive. And annoying! And not just the difficulty hearing out of that ear. If you are like many people with a blocked ear feeling, it produces a pressure imbalance in your head: not a true headache or vertigo, but enough of an imbalance that you feel like your head it tilting and pulling your body to one side.

Intuitively, you know there isn’t anything wrong with your brain or your inner ear because when you stick your finger in your ear or squeeze your nose with your mouth closed to “unjam” the pressure, it does release! … But only lasts for a second before that blocked ear feeling comes back.

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