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That is ideally what we are trying to achieve. However, it is extremely rare that anyone needs just one adjustment that resolves all of their health problems. We all like instant results, but the human body does not work that way...

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As your body heals, the important thing is that the adjustment holds. I often use the expression that, “The adjustment is holding,” which means that a joint is staying in the correct position. There are 3 reasons that an adjustment may not hold right away...

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No matter what condition you experience, one of the most powerful ways that can help improve the quality of your life is to correct the alignment of the vertebrae in your upper neck. Now that you know how to identify if you have a neck problem, you probably want to know what you can do about it....

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There are three possibilities that follow a chiropractic adjustment.

  • 1. You feel better.
    About 50% of people notice a positive change following an adjustment. About 30% of people may experience fatigue, headaches or soreness from using muscles that have not been used for some time. Symptoms usually settle within 48 hours, but we will provide you strategies to minimise any discomfort you may experience
  • ....

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Let me put it this way: if a general chiropractor is like a general dentist, an upper cervical chiropractor is like an orthodontist. The advanced training and level of detail that upper cervical chiropractors take to identify and correct problems with the upper neck are unlike anything else in healthcare today.

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There are a few ways that a Blair upper cervical adjustment is different from a general spinal manipulation.

  • Precision and Force. Remember those highly specialised x-rays where we measured the misalignments in your neck to within half a degree? They showed us the exact angle that we need in order to deliver your adjustment with the least amount of force but with the greatest positive effect ...
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Healthy people can have symptoms, and unhealthy people can have no symptoms.

If you have to choose between having a body that “feels 100% perfect” or “works 100% perfect,” what would you choose? I would choose for my own body to work 100% perfect. To illustrate, you can take enough drugs and alcohol to feel invincible for one night! But when that high crashes down, the next morning, you’re in a worse place than you started!...

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Upper cervical chiropractic is a unique form of healthcare that focuses on the alignment of the top two bones in the neck and their effect on the nervous system and health.

The nervous system is the master control system of the body. It coordinates the function of every muscle, organ and cell in your body. For your exercise program to work right, for your diet to work right, and for you to have the health and wellbeing that you want requires full expression, coordination and flow of your nervous system....

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The short answer is no.

However, I need to qualify my answer, because unskilled, indiscriminate manipulation of the neck can be dangerous … and they are not the same thing.

The question is like asking, “Is electricity dangerous?” If your house has been wired by a qualified electrician - and if you don’t so anything silly like sticking your a metal fork into the outlet - then electricity is a safe and powerful force. Now, if you decided to wire your entire home because you watched a few Youtube videos - or if you go outside with a metal rod in your hand during a thunderstorm - that is a completely different situation.

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The upper cervical spine is located in the 2-3mm space just beneath your skull.

If you feel the bone just behind your ear, and then slide down off the skull along the side of your neck just behind your jaw, you might be able to feel the tip of the C1 vertebra (transverse process)....

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An upper cervical doctor is a chiropractor who focuses on the alignment and motion of the two two vertebrae in the neck - the atlas (C1) and the axis (C2) - because of their impact on the nervous system and the health of the entire human body....

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“Like gravity, chiropractic works whether you believe it or not.” - Dr Sid Williams

Chiropractic is the science, philosophy and art of correcting misalignments of the spinal column for the purpose of facilitating normal function of the nervous system and optimising health.

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I do believe that there are different methods that have their strengths and weaknesses. I also believe that there is a time-and-place for all forms of healing and adjustments. However, if any one person or group had it all figured out, everyone in healthcare would be practising that exact way with 100% success....

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The ”cracking” that happens with general spinal manipulation is not dangerous. It is actually nothing more than the odd sound that fluid makes when it moves suddenly within the joints of the spine.

That said, we don’t crack the neck....

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This is an old myth that has been thoroughly dismissed by research, but is still propagated as an effective “scare campaign” by enemies of chiropractic.

“But wait? Aren’t there cases where people experiences a stroke after seeing a chiropractor?” Yes there are, so let me explain the apparent contradiction...

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Typically no. Only when it it practised too aggressively.

In all professions, there are people who are brilliant in their work … and others who are (shall we say) less skilled.” Tradesmen. Doctors. Solicitors. Marketers. Teachers. Chiropractic is no exception to this rule....

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Cervical spine stenosis is a narrowing of the opening in your vertebrae where your spinal cord passes. If it narrows, it has the potential to produce tension or irritation to your nerves or your spinal cord.

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Like many people we see in our north Brisbane chiropractor clinic, you have probably been referred for numerous tests including MRIs, CT scans, etc … but no one has ever told you what they show. I hope I may be able to clarify a few things here.

  • X-Ray - Uses low dose ionising radiation to see dense structures (e.g., bones) on 2D pictures
  • CT Scan - Uses high dose ionising radiation to see dense structure (e.g., bones) and also blood flow on 3D pictures. Note: CT scans are the types of tests that you don’t want to have too many of because of the higher incidence of cancer. By contrast, x-rays use much lower radiation and are pretty darn safe.
  • MRI Scan - Uses magnets - no ionising radiation at all! - to see soft tissues (e.g., muscles, nerves, organs) in 3D. The most common MRIs in Australia are still the big, noisy tubes.
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There are many types of arthritis, and the most common by far is degenerative or osteoarthritis. The nature of degenerative arthritis makes it tricky to treat because unless we have a cure for a) gravity, b) time and c) the stresses of daily life, we cannot undo the physical damage of degenerative arthritis.

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