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How is Cervical
Spine Arthritis Treated?

What does an MRI/CT/CBCT/X-Ray scan of the cervical spine show?

How is Cervical Spine Arthritis Treated?

There are many types of arthritis, and the most common by far is degenerative or osteoarthritis. The nature of degenerative arthritis makes it tricky to treat because unless we have a cure for a) gravity, b) time and c) the stresses of daily life, we cannot undo the physical damage of degenerative arthritis.

What would happen if you drove your car up the highway at 100kph in second gear? Your transmission won’t explode, but the pieces will grind against each other, causing mechanical ruin until the entire piece is destroyed. Essentially, this is what degenerative arthritis is, but in your body.

The cause of degenerative arthritis is an old injury where you may not have felt any pain afterwards, because there weren’t necessarily any broken bones or dislocations, but where things shifted even a few millimetres off their normal axis. The result, multiple by years or decades is the progressive breakdown of the bones in your neck.

So can we fix or undo cervical spine arthritis with Brisbane chiropractic treatment? No. It doesn’t work that way. That said, it is often very possible to assist with the alignment of the bones in your neck so that you are better able to turn your head. When this happens, even if there is arthritis present, many people are able to experience relief from the pain or discomfort of arthritis.

The first thing that we need to do is a proper assessment of your neck including neurological, physical and advanced x-ray tests in order to determine the extent of arthritis through your neck, and where it is or is not safe to adjust, Moreover, in our north Brisbane upper cervical specific office, we take great care to make sure that the adjustments we perform will be tailored for you, and not use any “cracking” or “twisting”

The procedure we use is called the Blair upper cervical chiropractic adjustment, and we are the only Brisbane chiropractor to use this method. The adjustment is performed with your heard in a neutral position so that there is no spinal manipulation. I repeat: no twisting or cracking, which is often a bad idea anyway when people have extensive amounts of arthritis. The total force of the procedure is only the amount you would use to feel your pulse.

Results certainly vary, but it may very well be possible with the right type of treatment that you can still experience relief from cervical spine arthritis . Our North Lakes chiropractic centre would be happy to help in any way we can.

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