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Even if it isn’t stopping you from doing anything, is it making it really unpleasant doing anything where you need to use your neck or your arms? Doing computer work? Chores? Driving?

Have you already been to your GP, physiotherapist, chiropractor, massage therapist and acupuncturist but haven’t found any of that to work for more than a few days? Sure, you could always take anti-inflammatories, but is that what you really want? Or would you prefer a natural solution for your neck and shoulder pain that addresses the cause and not just the symptoms?

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Are you Looking for a Solution for your Whiplash?

Have you suffered a whiplash injury?

How is it affecting your ability to work? Your ability to concentrate? Your ability to feel normal around your family and friends? Or even your ability to sleep?

Have you had all yours CTs and MRIs come back as normal? Or have you been told that “it’s just soft tissue damage?”

Have you googled “whiplash specialist near me,” but still not found the solution you’re looking for?

When it comes to whiplash and neck pain, just because you don’t have any broken bones - and even if there isn’t any blood - it doesn’t mean that everything is “normal.”

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Have you been dealing with the discomfort of pain turning your head?

Even if it isn’t really stopping you from doing the things that you want, it’s still annoying and uncomfortable. Or maybe it is affecting you in more ways than you think!

  • Does the pain increase when you lean forwards to pick things up off the floor?
  • Does your neck click of grab when you turn your head, changing lanes in traffic?
  • Do your muscles tighten, causing pain to radiate up into your skull, creating a headache?
  • Or are you finding it uncomfortable being able to find a comfortable position to sleep? With the pain turning your head side-to-side, you can’t really find a comfortable place at all.

If you have the most common type of pain turning your head, it probably feels like there’s this knot in your lower neck or upper back that is causes pain between your shoulder blades. And it is this pulling that is restricting your ability to turn your head without pain … and if you could just get it to release everything would feel great again!

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