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If so, how severely is it affecting your life? Does in come in waves? Or is the stabbing, burning sensation there almost 100% of the time?

Are you sick of going to doctors appointments and “trigeminal neuralgia specialists” when the only thing that you’re told is that you need a stronger medication to deal with the pain. What’s most frustrating is that medication alone doesn’t really help identify the cause of the problem

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Are you Looking for a Solution for your Muscle Twitching all over the Body at Rest?

Are you suffering from muscle twitching all over your body at rest? And have you ever paid attention to see if it happens when you have your head in a certain position?

Not only is it terribly disruptive when you sleep, it can be downright scary! Especially when you google search “cause of muscle twitching all over the body,” there can be all kinds of nasty diagnoses that appear.

Yes, muscle twitching all over the body at rest can be an indication of a serious medical problem. However, it can also be a sign of a functional disturbance to your nervous system that you can improve. I’ll explain more about what that means in this article, but let me pose an additional question for you first:

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