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Chiropractic Technique

There is no 100% perfect technique.

There is no 100% perfect technique.

I do believe that there are different methods that have their strengths and weaknesses. I also believe that there is a time-and-place for all forms of healing and adjustments. However, if any one person or group had it all figured out, everyone in healthcare would be practising that exact way with 100% success.

From my experience and research, I believe strongly that the Blair upper cervical approach is one of the most accurate forms of chiropractic that exists for correcting conditions of the body caused by misalignment of the upper neck. It is the reason I am a Blair upper cervical chiropractor!

At the same time, I will not be so vain to claim that I have all the answers, or that my way is the one-and-only way.

If I believe that I can help you with the method that I employ, great! If not, then I would want to make sure that I refer you to the best-qualified practitioner who offers what I believe you actually need.

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