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What is Upper
Cervical Chiropractor?

What is an upper cervical chiropractor?

What is upper cervical chiropractic?

An upper cervical doctor is a chiropractor who focuses on the alignment and motion of the two two vertebrae in the neck - the atlas (C1) and the axis (C2) - because of their impact on the nervous system and the health of the entire human body.

An upper cervical chiropractor completes his or her normal university study: 4 years of basic sciences, and then the equivalent of 4 years of chiropractic study plus a 1 year residency in the USA (different here in Australia, but I can only speak on my behalf) … and THEN goes on to post-doctoral study and practise in the upper cervical work.

Upper cervical chiropractic typically involves a different analysis including specialised x-ray or other imaging views that are not used in standard medical or chiropractic offices in order to determine the exact nature of misalignment that exists in the upper neck, and then the most specific way possible to correct it with the least amount off intervention possible..

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